Pacifica Disaster Relief Program

The fastest way to get back in a home after a natural disaster.

We're here to help.

Our community has been deeply impacted by the wildfires in California.

At Pacifica, we can provide FAST access to high-quality, affordable housing for you or any of your loved ones who have been affected.

We'll put you first.

When you need it most - we'll prioritize you.

You get:

  • Priority treatment.
  • Free consultation with our disaster relief expert.
  • First pick of our available homes throughout Ventura & Santa Barbara counties, and across California.
  • Access to our expert network of builders, contractors, permitters, and beyond. We streamline the process for you.

We get you back in a home fast.

Need a home NOW?

We can get you the keys to an existing home within weeks.

Looking to rebuild?

We can build a new home on your property in as little as 3 months.

Don't put your life on hold!

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We have decades of experience in guiding homeowners through the challenges presented by a natural disaster.