5 Reasons Why Manufactured Homes Could Replace Site-Built Homes Altogether

  1. Unmatched economy

    Manufactured homes’ sales price per square foot are on average over 40% lower than site-built homes (excluding the cost of land). The reason is not because of a quality difference, it’s an inherent advantage of the efficient processes utilized by controlled facilities and assembly lines which are able to engineer and incorporate nearly any luxury feature at a fraction of the traditional cost. There is also the building and installation process, which for site-built homes, is notoriously prone to delay, workmanship error and unforeseeable expense. Manufactured homes offer an economical advantage that is sure to not go unnoticed for very long.

  2. Technologically advanced

    Any contractor will tell you the difficulties of installing new technologies in site-built homes. They have to work around blueprints designed by someone else, which entails the costly process of adapting and working around unfamiliar systems. With a manufactured home, new technology is designed along with the physical structure so they work seamlessly together, making features like built-in entertainment, advanced HVAC, air and water filtration and smartphone, tablet and computer integration easily obtainable and highly reliable.

  3. Highly customizable

    Having a hand in your home’s design is an undeniably exciting process that every homeowner should have the chance to enjoy. With a manufactured home, you have the opportunity to imagine a living space and then actualize it. Customizable options range from appliance and finish materials to the layout and amount of walk-in closets you would like. We listen to all of your ideas and seek to design an environment that is not only practical for you, but that you’ll love coming home to again and again.

  4. Environmentally conscious

    Part of our passion at Pacifica Homes is building products that work hand-in-hand with our environment. In a 2012 study on sustainability in manufactured housing by ROC USA, it was documented that manufactured homes, “Have significantly lower environmental impacts than site-built single-family homes.” Energy use, water use, construction waste, resource utilization, stormwater management, land use and density and greenhouse gas emissions all were found to be abundantly more efficient in manufactured housing than in site-built homes. We continually work to innovate and improve our designs to mitigate environmental impact, along with setting an industry standard that will promote that ethos to future generations of home builders.

  5. Easily upgradable

    We build homes that are meant to be continually improved. That is the benefit of iterative design and manufacturing all taking place under one roof. If we design a new model, we will inform you of upgrades available to you to protect your investment and increase market value.


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