10 Questions to Ask When Looking for the Right Manufactured Home Community


Manufactured home communities vary in the kinds of policies, services and amenities they offer and it is very important to ask the right questions of park administrators. Here are 10 questions that will help you find the right community:

  1. What services and amenities are included with a site rental?
  2. What are the regulations, rules and restrictions of your community?
  3. How does space-rent increase from year to year?
  4. What are the rules for number of guests and length of visits?
  5. How is lawn and landscape maintenance service handled?
  6. Does your community have special building or aesthetic requirements?
  7. Are property taxes and any homeowners association fees covered in the rental fee?
  8. Do you assist with installation of homes?
  9. Are there fees for installation and utility connections?
  10. Are there special requirements if I wish to sell or lease my home?

We also recommend that when visiting a community, you speak with current residents about their experience. Find out if they’re satisfied with the lifestyle, have any complaints with the community and whether they would recommend it. We partner with numerous excellent communities and can provide further information on any of the above questions. Please contact us today to assist with your home community search.